JESTERS of UTOPIA ~ Documenting a POPADEMIC ~ A new book


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In the beginning…

POPADEMIC is POP ART Bottled, original hand painted designs on glass wine, champagne and other spirits & elixirs bottles.  All of them are original works of art by Joey and Rhonda Havlock.

The development of POPADEMIC is a continuation of Joey Havlock’s SOCIAL EPIDEMIC Collection. It’s inclusion in this ongoing series was prompted by one of the most recognizable symbols of the drinking culture, the emptied bottle. These beautiful remnants, created to protect and showcase their valuable spirits and elixirs, are often discarded without consideration once their contents have been consumed.

Within POPADEMIC Havlock has joined forces with his wife, artist Rhonda Havlock, to collaborate and re-energize these bottles in a way that is not only fun and entertaining, but visually engaging. Each conveying its own unique sense of…’POP’