Portraits of POP ~ POPADEMIC POP Stars

Visit the Portraits of POP Blog & Artchives for the latest updates and additions of all the beautiful people… Portraits of the POPADEMIC… PortraitsOfPOP.com In this series we call Portraits of the POPADEMIC, we will be bringing together the people we know, love, and admire in a series of self inspired and commissioned paintings on glass …


Skullcracker POPs

Skullcracker POPS, a collection of football themed POPADEMIC originals featuring a focus on teams…Dallas Cowboys (the Starchild), San Francisco 49ers (the Frisco Kid), Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncis, Washington Redskins (Georgous George) and the New York Giants

Diva Delicious

DIVA DELICIOUS 2013   I’m strong, smart and sassy, I got attitude but i keep it classy. I am modest and i keep it humble, But if you hurt me you will stumble. I’m a hopeless romantic but i keep it real, Because some people have a heart of steel. I can daydream all the …